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So, I’ve been kinda MIA lately- both here on my blog and on my IG. We had a few big things happen such as our WEDDING (eeeek!), followed closely (like less than a week after our wedding) by our son having a major unexpected surgery 🙁 Then I was sick and feeling crummy for about a month- thanks to working in a children’s hospital and picking up kids’ bugs #NurseLife.

Blogging and posting content just hasn’t been high on my to-do list. I did, however, use this time away from social media to put some thought to the direction and purpose of my blog, which is amateur at best. When you read about blogging, it’s clear that the pros say you must have a niche for your blog. You can’t just post a mish-mash of content and expect to gain dedicated, long-term followers. A “lifestyle” blog is SO very vague and it can be extremely hard to find a niche in the world of lifestyle blogging where there is an oversaturation of bloggers sharing Nsale picks and the same flatlays over and over.

Here is what I do know: my life revolves so much about being a mom, but I never wanted my blog to be a mom blog. However, my son is such a HUGE part of my life, I can’t really picture myself having a lifestyle blog without occasionally featuring my handsome son who I am obsessed with!


I want my blog to focus on experiences, style content, being a mom, and how I merge all of these aspects of my life. I also know I need to commit to posting a dedicated number of times, even if it’s only 1x/week // 3x/month // whatever! Also, I want to post what I want to post, dammit!! For now, I want my blog to be something I enjoy doing, not something I’m trying to force into conforming to blogging standards. I am lucky in that I have so many local bloggers to look to for motivation. I’m talking about you Ashley KristiRayanne, and Kherington, just to name a few //honestly I could keep going!// I love these bloggers because they post such a happy mix of content that doesn’t box them in. They have witty writing, awesome photos, and amazing style.

I especially love Rayanne’s posts about her adorable family and the fun they have around Grand Rapids. Also, secretly hoping Kristi will invite me along on her cross-country van life with her and her husband // Not expecting it to be weird at all, amirite?

Honestly, I want Kherington to come style me everyday, and bring me along on all her meet-ups and photoshoots // and I want Ashley to follow me around with her camera because I’m positive no one can capture the “turn your head and laugh” signature blogger pose like her.

So for this month, I plan on doing some fall outfit styling, and posting some things to do around GR during the fall season! Finally, I have had the Macbook Pro 15′ in my online cart for about a month. I seriously need to upgrade my computer. *Insert money with wings emoji* It took like 8 minutes just to upload 1 image to my blog. How can I expect to be an up and coming blogger with ancient technology??

Anywho, thanks to anyone reading this- I truly appreciate it! If you feel like it, tell me what you have planned this fall. Pumpkin spice everything? Netflix binging? Eating donuts and drinking cider until your stomach hurts? I wanna know!


Love and guac,





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