Blog resources

Here I am sharing various resources that I use or have used in my blogging journey. I will add things and update as needed to let you all know if things are working for me or not! I also want to share some stuff that I just like in general. So peruse, please 🙂

Blog Stuff


This first link takes you to an amazing blog planner. I am the type of person that needs to write everything out if I plan on accomplishing anything. This blog planner is great! It has tons of space for customizing and planning month-by-month.

Commit 30 planner

This is the planner I’m using for life in general this year. I tend to dream up these huge goals, with no real plan on how to achieve them, and then they just don’t get done. I really like this planner because you can commit to a new goal at the beginning of each month and track your progress.


  • Jenna Kutcher Goal Digger you. guys. Jenna Kutcher is up there at the top of my podcast listen list. She tells it like it is when it comes to the world of girl bossin’ like a badass. So many resources and great tips on her show. This one is definitely worth a listen.
  • Being Boss a podcast about using real life experiences to lay out your creative entrepreneurial journey. Kathleen Shannon and Emily Shannon give the low-down on business babe life.
  • The Lively Show Jess Lively started with business roots in Michigan (shoutout to our well-loved Mitten State!), and began a podcast to share her journey and how to gain success along the way.
  • The Accidental Creative This podcast talks about ambition, motivation, creativity, and ways to create your best work.