I know guac is extra. But so am I.

So. Grand Rapids. This city has been doing the most lately. Every time you turn around there’s a new brewery/restaurant/distillery/apartment complex. AND I LOVE IT! You definitely need a lunch date almost weekly to keep up with all the new places popping up!

BUT. Let’s focus for a minute on a place near and dear to my heart. Donkey Taqueria. It opened in 2013, and although it probably took me a few years to discover it, I am now fully obsessed. The flautas de pollo. The chorizo y poblano taco. THE PRICKLY PEAR MARGARITA. 

margaritas and sangria

One of the random things about Donkey that I love is that there is no sign!

grand rapids restaurant

First lets talk food. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with anything on Donkey’s menu. The guacamole is perfection and the flautas de pollo is my absolute favorite!! I learned today that the Donkey Punch drink was seasonal (it had jalapeno tequila in it- so so so good), and it made me a little sad to find out it wasn’t on the menu at the time.

Donkey Taquiera

bar restaurant

* this is how happy I get eating the guac there. real emotion, folks.


Also, fun sidenote…my sister came along and she experienced 2 firsts: first time at Donkey and first ever margarita!! Which I finished because my sister is a beer girl and the margs at Donkey are exceptionally strong (and delicious).
Speaking of my sister, she is such a good sport as I continue to try my hand at this blogging thing….on our way back to the car, we passed this old run down brick house and she knew it was time for blog photos! Ha!

I wanted to show-off this romper (jumpsuit?) that I got at….wait for it……………..MEIJER. I never really considered Meijer a contender for clothing, but seeing as how I shop for groceries there almost weekly, I decided to check out their clothing section and I was so glad I did!

romper and old house

I am suuuuuuch a sucker for a romper (still not quite sure if this one is a romper or jumpsuit but let’s just roll with romper, mmmkay.). They’re just so cute! And this was like $23. I really love the loud floral print, and the gaucho style legs.

curly hair

Curly hair, don’t care.

meijer brand romper

This fringe bag is a regular go-to for me. I got it from H&M, and I have this brown one and a light blush pink one! Linked {{ here }}. And the grey one in the link is on sale for $12.99!!

meijer brand floral romper

Well, hope you enjoyed my day at Donkey and this seriously adorable romper. Seriously, you need to check this place out and get it on your top 10 list!

H&M fringe bag linked again here: Grey Fringe


Thanks for reading loves!



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