About Me

About me……hmm. how to start? Well, I guess I will start with the reason for this blog. I love creating. Whether that be creating new looks, decorating our home, refurbishing furniture, re-creating recipes found on Pinterest (because I have no time to just be coming up with my own recipes 🙃), or crafting, I wanted a place to share the things I love.

I am a mom! I am raising the most special little boy who makes me infinitely happy. He has special needs, and let me tell you….experiencing things with him has made me so appreciative of every little thing that some people may take for granted. He has the best smile, and is the happiest kid I know. (He also still loves to cuddle with his mom, which is pretty much the best thing ever).

I am also married to the love of my life <3 We met October 2013, after only being acquainted through facebook and mutual friends. We got married July 1, 2017- He is truly my soulmate. We laugh, we talk, we love our life together.


Other stuff:

  • Born and raised in Michigan
  • I am a Registered Nurse on a general med/surg and neuro unit at a Children’s Hospital
  • mommy to Great Dane, Kirra
  • I am slightly obsessed with pizza
  • I am also slightly obsessed with most other good food
  • I may drink a little more wine than recommended by your doctor
  • I have a thing for Vin Diesel (yes, the fianz knows)
  • Fall is the best season- not too hot, cool enough for sweaters
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume is my fav, and makes me feel like I should be attending a black tie affair every time I wear it
  • I am 5’9′ and just so happen to love wearing heels
  • “you should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how” – Rhett Butler
  • ^ I love Gone with the Wind.
  • I HAVE to travel to Paris before I die- bucket list #1
  • I love to make handmade gifts for people
  • I am addicted to shopping (but I use a lot of coupons though)
  • I have like 6 girl and 6 boy names picked out for future kids, but really only want 1 or 2 (or 3) more- 1 on the way, due April 2018!
  • I am both an extrovert and introvert at the same time- yes, that is real.
  • I love my life and I thank God for my blessings and for my experiences that have gotten me this far 🙂