The rustic mirror struggle


Hey all! Now that summer is coming to an end, and we won’t be outside as much (unless you’re like me, and love to do all things fall outside), I am looking towards indoor home projects. Finding the perfect rustic mirror for both our bathroom and over our living room sofa are at the top of my list! Check out a couple of my picks below!

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Summer Outfit Roundup #1

Man. I really gotta learn how to post regularly! I get to the point where I feel so busy that blogging is the LAST thing on my mind. It definitely is a balancing act that I have not yet mastered.  I am constantly trying to remind myself that this is what I want to do and I need to figure out how blogging works with my life. But alas, in the midst of figuring….I managed to snap a few pics of some outfits I plan on rocking over our coveted summer months here in Michigan!

what to wear header

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DIY updated mirror


Today I am finally getting around to posting this project that I have been putting off for quite a while. When we moved into our home, the bathroom mirror was just a basic slab of mirror hung on the wall. It’s nice because it’s very big, but it’s very boring. So, I decided to put some sleeping diy skills to the mirror to give our bathroom a fresh look!

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Fab Fit Fun Spring 2016!

Spring…pppsshhhhh. Here in Michigan we are experiencing Spring by date alone. It is April 12, and this is the first sunny, somewhat enjoyable day we’ve had so far this “spring.”  Fortunately, we have a warm front moving in, and are a few days away from possible 70 degree weather (wooohoooo!!).
But alas, amidst the dreary, gloomy, cold weather, something Spring related happened…the FabFitFun Spring box! I am sharing the reveal and my impression of the items in the box!

Fab Fit Fun Spring 2016
Fab Fit Fun Spring 2016

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Winter Sangria

I drink wine throughout the year. As such, I found it fitting to make a winter sangria to switch things up rather than just drinking another glass of red wine. Why limit sangria to the summer? Is it not delicious all year round? Yes, yes it is.

To be honest, I have no idea what makes this a “winter” sangria, but it’s delicious, so let’s not focus on the name.

I used Martha Stewart’s recipe here, with a few variations.

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Starting 2016 with a good book (or 24)!


Ever since graduating from nursing school in May of 2015, I have been incessantly adding books to my ‘to-read’ list and reading as much as possible. It feels amazing to curl up on my couch with a soft blanket and a good book and not have to worry about studying for the NCLEX or my latest nursing exam. As much as I loved learning to become a nurse, the elation I feel for not having to read another college text book…..ahhhhh. It make me anxious just thinking about it!

Reading for pleasure has been one of my favorite hobbies since I learned the alphabet. I absorbed words like a sponge, and that voracious appetite for books has never left. Now that I am an adult, daily life makes it hard to sit down and read like I want to. But that will change this year!

Without further ado, my own personal reading challenge for 2016!

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Christmas Porch!

This is the second year in our first home, and the first time I was really able to decorate our front porch for the holidays! We have a good size space, and I had to reign in my Christmas spirit before our porch just looked like a storage room for decorations. Before the fianz (for some reason, since getting engaged, I like to refer to my honey as “the fianz”, so if you ever see that in my posts, I am referring to him- until we make it official, of course) and I moved into this house, I never decorated much for the holidays; mostly due to living situation. Now that we own this home, I’m going all out for every holiday. Now to figure out storage for all this stuff—that could probably be a post all in itself! Anywho…here it is! Our Christmas porch 🙂

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Blogger. Such a loaded word. I’ve tried to trick myself into thinking that because I have a blog and a website, I can apply that term to myself, but I know that is not true. I haven’t even started yet 😉 I have big plans for this blog, and can’t wait to gain my “sea legs” with this whole blogging thing! There are so many bloggers I follow for inspiration and motivation, and I look forward to the day when I am on that level.
More to come!

It's not just about wine, I promise

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