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Hi!! So one feature on my blog that I had planned to focus on regularly are the skincare products that I love and use everyday. I will admit, I am a product junkie *hides face in shame*. I am always in search of that almighty holy grail product and I have definitely had some luck. I talked to a girl who had worked at the well-known skin care empire, LUSH, who told me about a few products that might help my combination skin. I will be keeping these products on heavy rotation!

LUSH skin care


Toner- Sometimes you just need a refresher for your face. I get dry patches on my cheeks, and around my mouth, and the Breath of Fresh Air toner from LUSH makes my skin feel so soft even before I moisturize. I also get redness on my cheeks at times, and this toner helps calm that redness. I also use another well known toner- Mario Badescu Rose Water- which I love the smell of, but it leaves my skin slightly tacky. I don’t have that problem at all with the LUSH toner.


This cleanser. you guys. O B S E S S E D. I don’t think I will ever be without it again, and if LUSH ever discontinues it, I may go on my very first storefront strike. I present to you, Angels on Bare Skin. This cleanser is everything. I almost don’t want to share about it, and instead keep it as my precious secret. The texture isn’t like anything I’ve every used on my face. It’s like a crumbly mixture that I can’t really describe very well. lol. It also has little lavender buds which I LOOOVE because anything lavender is the actual best. You get a small amount out, mix with a little bit of water to get a paste and massage it onto your skin. It contains lavender, chamomile, kaolin clay, ground almonds, and some other stuff which I would equate to angel’s actual tears. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth. All of the heart eyes over this cleanser.

LUSH skin care

LUSH skin care


Serum bar- Do you see that weird, nasty looking bar of some unknown substance? Well that is the Full of Grace serum bar. It’s a moisturizing bar full of oils and butters that works miracles on your skin. I hold it to my cheek to warm and soften and then massage it in with my fingertips. I think a common misconception is that if your skin is oily, that means you shouldn’t moisturize, but that couldn’t be more wrong- that means your skin if producing it’s own oil in an attempt to moisturize itself. You would think that a bar made out of butters and oils would not be good for your skin, but this serum bar is amazing! Especially for dry winter skin, this bar melts into your skin and feels so soft and moisturizing.

LUSH skin care


 Shop products here: Toner/Cleanser/Serum bar

Well that’s all I have for now regarding LUSH. I have been using and loving these 3 products but I know I’ll be back for more! (Looking at you, Ultrabland cleanser and Imperials moisturizer!)

Let me know if you have any favorite LUSH products or any other skin care products that you consider your holy grail products!

sidenote: post is not sponsored, but I’m open to it (hint hint LUSH 👀)


Thank you for reading, loves ❤️


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