Winter Sangria

I drink wine throughout the year. As such, I found it fitting to make a winter sangria to switch things up rather than just drinking another glass of red wine. Why limit sangria to the summer? Is it not delicious all year round? Yes, yes it is.

To be honest, I have no idea what makes this a “winter” sangria, but it’s delicious, so let’s not focus on the name.

I used Martha Stewart’s recipe here, with a few variations.

Winter Sangria

Winter Sangria

First, it may be that I am a complete idiot, but I could not find brandy in my local supermarket to save my life. I even returned to the liquor aisle twice. Instead of brandy, I ended up getting a cherry whiskey, which I really liked and will be mixing in future drinks.

I also bought tonic water that had a hint of lime, for an added layer of flavor.

Finally, Martha (I call her Martha because I like to assume that if we hung out, she would no doubt ask me to call her Martha) used a Red Zin or  rioja wine in her recipe, but I just chose a wine that had a mix of Reds. I like the Apothic Red mix.

You let the orange and apple slices sit and soak in the sugar and whiskey for 15 minutes, then add the red wine, orange juice and club soda. I halved Martha’s recipe as well because while I am proud of my wine drinking capacity, I would hate for any to be wasted *the horror* if I was to pour in two bottles of wine.

Beware, this drink sneaks up on you! Enjoy!


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