Traverse City…oh how I love you so

Ever since meeting my (now) fiance, I have had the pleasure and privilege of being able to travel to Traverse City, MI with the Duba ladies. I looooove spending these weekends wine tasting, antiquing (Trisha’s favorite (not really, she hates it) ), and forgetting about real life as we lounge on the beach at Aunt Lolo’s house right on East Bay. This past January, I had a long weekend off work, and decided to take a trip to TC with the Duba’s and a good friend of mine.

Sparkling dry wine at L.Mawby estate…a new favorite I discovered

Don’t get me wrong, I can easily sit around at home drinking wine…..but why do that when you are in Traverse City surrounded by wineries? So this weekend in July, that’e exactly what we did…We made it to 6 wineries: Ciccone, L.Mawby, Brengman Brothers, Black Star Farms, Shady Lane Cellars and Bowers Harbor. We don’t play around when it comes to wine tasting 😉

Most wineries give you a wine glass with a tasting. We each left TC this weekend with 3 new wine glasses to add to our collections!

brengman brothers

This vineyard is one that had more expensive wine tasting than we are used to. Most tastings are $5ish for 5 tastes. This winery offered 2 tastes for $5 and no glass 🙁

Sometimes when you go exploring, you make new friends.

shady lane cellars

sparkling wine tasting at L.Mawby


bowers harbor

she’s excited for more picture taking!

Britt loves when I make everyone stop for multiple photos. This trip was also a chance for me to get out my Nikon that mostly stays in the camera bag at home. I’ve been getting better though!


And finally, winter mornings in Traverse City look like this: first we drink the coffee, then we do the things.

There is usually a groupon available for a Wine Tasting tour with transportation, but I did not see one at this time:( I am including a link to a groupon for a wine tasting experience at Hawthorne Vineyards on Old Mission Peninsula! It’s a great deal!

Enjoy: Wine Tasting at Hawthorne Vineyards

I think after making quite a few trips to TC over these past 3 years, I’ve discovered my favorite places, but pretty please share YOUR TC faves so I can be sure I’m not missing out on anything!


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