I’m ready for you, 2017.

I am in stout opposition to setting “New Year Resolutions.” Actually, I’m am much more opposed to people whose New Year resolution is to join a gym, and now for a good month or so, I can’t find a spot at the Y to do my hiit cardio. Hashtag first world problems. I do however, believe in reflecting on myself as a person and seeing what I can accomplish to better myself, my happiness and my family.



Priorities, here with this goal folks. Dad jokes are one of my favorite things and I have been slacking in this department. So, in 2017 expect the caliber of jokes to skyrocket. I will still use some of my old stand-bys….”What did the buffalo say when he dropped his kid off at school. ...Bison.” HAHA I actually laugh to this day when I tell that one. Feel free to use that one on your friends.


Social media, the great divide. Always glimpsing into the daily lives of others while your own life sits on the couch next to you hating the phone in your hands. This one is pretty self-explanatory and I think most of us can relate.


I struggle with this because I am such a private person (and I choose to blog, haha, makes sense right?), and I can spend my days lounging at home in front of Netflix. However, I love spending time with my girlfriends and I want to cultivate those relationships. I need to use the phone more, stay in contact, and take active interest in the lives of my good friends.


ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed….gahhhhhhhhh. It’s so much. Photography is something I am SO interested in and I want to get good. Like, really good. I love the story that a single photo can tell. Capturing emotion, cementing a moment in time through a camera lens is something I cannot wait to be able to do. It’s one of these goals on this list that I have to focus myself on putting time into. It will not happen passively.


My son is an amazing kid. He has been thorough a lot, and with his condition (Hydranencephaly), he will require ongoing therapy, surgeries, and equipment in the home. I really want to experience more things with him…take him on trips, do stuff like tubing, water parks, boats, etc etc etc. I want to make sure he is living the best life we can give him! Side note: we are taking him to Disney this May with Make-A-Wish and I am ecstatic about how much fun he’s is gonna have!


I gotta stop procrastinating on this blogging thing. Fo’ real.


Are you working on anything this year? Share with me 🙂



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  1. January 16, 2017 / 11:26 am

    Great post! I agree with so much of what you wrote. I also wrote a new year’s post on my blog. Feel free to check it out. Let 2017 be great! x

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