Fab Fit Fun Spring 2016!

Spring…pppsshhhhh. Here in Michigan we are experiencing Spring by date alone. It is April 12, and this is the first sunny, somewhat enjoyable day we’ve had so far this “spring.”  Fortunately, we have a warm front moving in, and are a few days away from possible 70 degree weather (wooohoooo!!).
But alas, amidst the dreary, gloomy, cold weather, something Spring related happened…the FabFitFun Spring box! I am sharing the reveal and my impression of the items in the box!

Fab Fit Fun Spring 2016

Fab Fit Fun Spring 2016

So FFF is a subscription box, just like other you may be aware of. For a long time, I subscribed to one of the monthly makeup boxes, but I wanted to try something different, so I switched to FFF. Instead of receiving a box every month, this box ships every 3 months for $50 each shipment. It seems expensive, but the value of the items in the box makes it very well worth it.

First up: these adorable, sweet smelling bath bombs. Scented with essential oils, and formulated with organic ingredients!

Jus D'Amour bath bombs

purchase here:  Jus D’Amour bath bombs [$28]

Next, a contour kit in the light/medium shade, as identified in my user profile on FFF. I am a huge fan of contouring. I do it when I am going out for something special, not my everyday face routine. Also, a cute bar necklace that says ‘Happy.’ These bar necklaces have been very popular lately!

ISH contour kit Jook & Nona tag necklace

purchase: ISH contour kit [$32]Jook & Nona tag necklace [$65]

Another cool thing about Fab Fit Fun is that in most of their boxes, they include gift cards to companies. I am very excited to shop at 31 Bits because it is a business that sources its jewelry from women in Uganda who create pieces to get out of poverty.

31 Bits gift card [$25] Sterling Forever gift card [$30]

31 Bits gift card [$25]Sterling Forever gift card [$30]

Would you just look at this so cute window sill Herb Garden! I can’t wait to set this up above my kitchen sink and watch these herbs grow! That is, if my lack of a ‘green thumb’ doesn’t kill them. (ps. please disregard this sideways picture….for some reason, my computer WILL NOT let me flip it 🙁 )

Finally, there are 4 more products that can be seen in the picture of the box overview:

the Merrithew Mat Strap [$14.99]- this strap is stretchy and great for toting around your yoga mat.
Keratin Gloves & Socks by Bodipure [$9.98]- being a nurse and using hand sanitizer for 12 hours at a time, I am always looking for that product to keep my hands soft and moisturized.
Marrakesh Argan & Hemp Oil for hair [$22.99]- yaaaaasssss….Argan Oil ftw. My hair is kinky curly, and needs all the moisturizer it can soak up. Oils do really well in my hair, so this is a product I am excited to try.
-HelloLegs Shaving Emulation Lotion (it looks like this product is available on Poshmark, which you need an account for) [$19.95]

Overall, I think this spring box has some really cute and useful stuff in it!  Use my unique link to sign up!
Thanks for reading! Hope you saw something that caught your eye 🙂

FabFitFun signup link 


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