Cottage life

We need to talk about 2 things today. Families and cottages. Two things near and dear to my heart 🙂 This past June we bought a cottage as a family, and we are already making so many memories there. Also, it’s in Michigan, so it doesn’t really get any better! I have to take time to count my blessings, and this cottage is a huge one.
sunset on Indian Lake in Michigan Growing up, my family couldn’t afford a cottage on a lake, so we didn’t realize what we were missing. Clay’s family, on the opposite side, grew up with a family cottage, so when the discussion came up to purchase a cottage as a family retreat, we were all on board. It took MONTHS and MONTHS of searching, driving, assessing, bargaining, offering and weighing pros and cons before we found the perfect location on Indian Lake in Kalkaska, MI (bonus: the cutest ever farmer’s market is only about 12 minutes away!). With more than enough space and 200+ feet of lake frontage, we could not have been more blessed.

Great Dane on dock

Even Kirra loves the cottage. As Great Danes go, she has an excessive amount of energy that never wanes, and she is the biggest goofball 🙂 She is finally up to her elbows (do dogs have elbows?) in the water, hopefully deeper next year! ha.

canoe ride on the lake

Lake life

Indian Lake is a no-wake lake, so we sacrifice size for a calm lake that the kids can play and swim in without speed boats roaring past. I don’t know how my nephew worked up the guts to jump off the end of the dock into those weeds. As a kid, I would’ve NEVER wanted those weeds to touch my feet!

boy jumping off dock

having fun in the water

One of my nephews-in-law. Couldn’t you just squeeze him? the answer is yes.

Our biggest project for this year was the deck… soon to be father-in-law is a big deck sitter 🙂 he gets his cigar and his notebook and can chill in the shade for hours. Our guys put in so much work and the end result is perfect.


little boy building deck Nephew helped a lot 🙂

new deck being built


view from the deck

One of my favorite parts of our cottage visits are the sunsets and sunrises. We have such a gorgeous view. Love waking up and drinking my coffee while looking across the lake.

morning coffee at the lake

I mean, would you just look at this view.

So completely blessed to have this cottage in our lives to share with friends and other family. I love thinking about all the memories we will make and the lasting impression this cottage will have on our kids.



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