Christmas Porch!

This is the second year in our first home, and the first time I was really able to decorate our front porch for the holidays! We have a good size space, and I had to reign in my Christmas spirit before our porch just looked like a storage room for decorations. Before the fianz (for some reason, since getting engaged, I like to refer to my honey as “the fianz”, so if you ever see that in my posts, I am referring to him- until we make it official, of course) and I moved into this house, I never decorated much for the holidays; mostly due to living situation. Now that we own this home, I’m going all out for every holiday. Now to figure out storage for all this stuff—that could probably be a post all in itself! Anywho…here it is! Our Christmas porch 🙂


I would have to say that my favorite part is the black lantern. I got this while antique shopping with my grandma (who is notorious for helping you spend your money on things!). She said “Oh, Dominique, you HAVE to get that lantern and put it on your porch.” And she was so right!


I added those cute vintage skates underneath, and stuffed some lighted garland into an old wine box.

Also, can we talk about Birch wood? HOW CUTE IS IT? For some reason, I am obsessed with birch lately, and have tried to incorporate it in various places 🙂


These apple crates were the find of the season…we drove past a family getting rid of some old stuff, and walked away with 6 apple crates, an old armoire, an awesome wood dresser, a tall tomato cage, and some baskets—FOR FREE!!!! (well, we gave them a donation, because it felt like highway robbery to me, knowing how much all that stuff was worth).

Finally, I just stuffed some pine branches I collected from the tree farm we cut down our Christmas tree at, under the bench and around the apple crates.

I love our porch, and I’m sure next year will be even better. Decorating for Christmas is easily my favorite 🙂


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